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Introducing the Weaponize-Your-Body (WYB) Program: The Ultimate in Real-World Self-Preservation Training. Crafted by Rodney King, a luminary in defensive tactics, risk management and martial arts, this program synthesizes the most effective elements of Crazy Monkey Defense, Crazy Monkey Jiu-Jitsu, and our advanced EDGED weapons defense system. Designed for today's high-stakes environment, WYB is the epitome of practical, battle-tested self-protection training.

The WYB Program is structured around our innovative 'quick-action learning process', ensuring rapid skill acquisition even under time constraints. This approach makes it ideal for professionals in high-pressure roles such as security, law enforcement, military operations, and risk management. But its applicability extends beyond these fields, offering robust self-protection techniques to organizations seeking to empower their staff with confidence and safety skills.

Rodney King's extensive experience in training elite warriors shines through in every aspect of WYB. The program is distilled from his work with special forces operators, top-tier law enforcement units, and close protection teams. This real-world pedigree ensures that the strategies and tactics taught in WYB are not only theoretically sound but have been proven effective in the most demanding situations.

WYB is more than a self-protection program; it's a comprehensive system that prepares individuals to handle a spectrum of threats with poise and efficacy. From unarmed confrontations to edged weapon defense, the program covers a wide range of scenarios, ensuring participants are ready for any challenge.

Embrace the Weaponize-Your-Body Program and arm yourself with the knowledge and skills that have been honed on the front lines of global defense. Whether you're a professional in a high-risk field or an organization seeking to fortify your team, WYB offers unparalleled training that stands the test of real-world application. Join us and transform your potential into a powerful force for protection and peace of mind.


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