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Along with 4 X EFC Champion & Crazy Monkey Coach Costa Ioannou, Rodney breaks down the sparring game like never before. Rodney goes deep into the sparring game, showing you not only the strategies and tactics both him and Costa use in their own games, but play-by-play examples of both of them sparring (with instruction), along with, and probably the most important material Rodney has ever put out, his approach to mental game training for sparring.

“What Rodney covers in the Sparring Masterclass is the exact strategies and tactics that enabled me to become 4 X EFC Champion. Not only do I use the mental game approach Rodney advocates in my everyday sparring, but in the hexagon where it matters most. This is an absolutely must-have series, for anyone wanting to supercharge their sparring. The great thing, it's accessible for any level of fighter – simply you will grow into it, as your sparring grows”
– Costa Ioannou 4X EFC Champion



  • Introduction Videos: What is this series about, and how to use it (+-7 minutes).
  • Tactic & Strategies Videos: A closer look at the various ranges of the striking game (outside, midline, clinch boxing) and what tactics and strategies to use to enhance your striking game (1hr 33min).
  • Live Mitt Training: How to train those sparring strategies and tactics on the mitts (39 minutes).
  • Sparring Breakdown: Rodney breaks down the strategies and tactics for each range while sparring (17 minutes).
  • Play-By-Play Sparring Breakdowns: Together with Costa, Rodney, out of unrehearsed sparring, breaks down the sparring game like never before. Expect never-before-seen tactics and in-depth sparring knowledge like only Rodney can deliver (32 minutes).
  • The Mental Game: Through a series of videos, Rodney will introduce you to the mental game he has successfully taught to world-champion combat athletes right through to special force military operators. This has never been recorded or seen outside of exclusive in-house Crazy Monkey sessions (47 minutes).


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