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Building on the CM1 Game course from the CM Learning Path Series, Rodney focuses now on how to take the fight to the opponent. In this downloadable course, Rodney will teach you the essential skills to take the fight to the opponent, using CM2 hand defense, and mid-line strikes.

You will learn:

  • CM2 Hand Defence from CM1 Game. How to take the fight from the outside and move towards an aggressive opponent.
  • Rock and Roll. Successful firing strikes out of the CM2 hand defense. Knockouts here we come.
  •  How to set up mid-range striking like shovel hooks, vertical uppercuts and more.
  • How to disengage safely from a CM2 game back to the outside. Essential for resetting the sparring game.
  • Bringing it all together, from CM1 to CM2. A look at  and excellent CM2 example.


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