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Hey, Dr. Rodney King here...but everyone calls me 'Coach'

Firstly, thank you for considering hiring me as your coach. As the creator of some badass modern martial arts programs, I have been coaching students just like you for close on 3-decades. Below you will find the available options to train with me, covering both my survival skills (aka martial arts) offerings as well as my work in the area of human flourishing.


Can’t make it out to me? Now you can train with me no matter where you live. Virtual coaching sessions are a great option if you can’t come out to spend time with me in person. Many students combine virtual and in-person sessions to get the most support possible. Contact me below to find out more about virtual coaching sessions and availability on my schedule.


I am currently running a special offer. Choose my 3 X session package and pay only $220 (usually $300). Once you have made payment, I will email you personally, and we can discuss what you want to cover and choose times and dates that work for us both. While most sessions we do together can be done on your own, some sessions would need a partner (i.e., EDGED defense). For these sessions, I do not charge more if a partner joins you.

Interested in training

Virtually with Coach King?

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“One of the positives for me from COVID was the opportunity to try new things remotely that I may not have otherwise done. Although I’ve had exposure to the CM curriculum in the past, the online classes allowed me to rekindle one of my passions. Although I lacked a training partner, many great tips for training solo were provided and I was able to get answers to my questions right away. I believe that post-pandemic, remote training will remain a viable option where in-person instruction is not possible. I highly recommend Rodney and the CM program."

Andre -British Columbia


I am lucky to call two beautiful places in the world home. You can either come train with me at Tree Roots Retreat in Rayong, Thailand or at my home on my island the Isle of Man. The duration is up to you, but my suggestion is a minimum of 5-days. You can come by yourself, with a partner or group (if you have a martial arts academy for example). Contact me below to find out more, plus available options on my schedule.  

Interested in training

personally with Coach King?

Fill in the form and he will get right back to you with options!

Thanks for submitting! Coach Rodney will get right back to you!

"I spent thirty years in law enforcement as a Special Agent with both the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Justice. My main focus was on domestic and foreign counter-terrorism matters and the targeting of violent crime offenders across the U.S. After completing my government service I started my own security consulting firm and began conducting various types of counter-terrorism training primarily outside the U.S. I sought to improve my empty hand skills and needed an effective system for self-protection that could be realistically pressure tested within the combat sports and combatives communities. I found the answer in the Crazy Monkey Defense system"

Ray - US Special Agent

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