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In this 2 part self-preservation course you will learn a pragmatic, foundational approach to successfully defending yourself from the outside, mid-line and close quarter positions. In addition Rodney covers his unique approach and philosophy to self-preservation training.

In over 3-hours of instructional footage (excluding the 2 hour of bonuses), Rodney covers,


Part 1 – The Outside-
In this 1st part of the course Rodney focuses on how to control the outside, discussing the 3 D’s (Defuse, Defense, Destroy). The remainder of the course delves into how to successfully defend yourself if attacked from the outside, and how to destroy the opponent with open and closed fist strikes to vulnerable areas, as well as street kicks.


Part 2 – The Mid-line & Close Quarter Positions-
In this 2nd part of the course, Rodney focuses on what you should do to survive someone closing the gap on you. In addition, he teaches some of the most devastating mid-line strikes he has personally used to defend himself as a doorman for several years outside some of Johannesburg’s roughest nightclubs. Outside of teaching you what to do in the clinch, Rodney will also teach you the devastating T-BAR (Tactical Brace for Accelerated Recovery) to not only get an opponent off you but to neutralize him at the same time.



How to Keep The Fight Standing-
In this bonus section of the course, Rodney will teach you how to successfully keep the fight standing, by showing you how to avoid a takedown, and how to get back to your feet safely.


Ambush & Surprise Attack-
In this bonus section Rodney takes a look at the ambush and surprise attack, and how to survive via the Crazy Monkey’s 3-Point Cover.


Surviving The Knock Down-
What happens if you get caught with a strike and get knocked down…how do you get back to your feet safely and turn the tide in your favour? Rodney gives you some high-percentage options in this bonus video.


Surviving The Takedown-
If you get taken down, it is essential that you get back to your feet. Rodney will show you how to safely achieve this in this bonus video.


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